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SBLUG has a small collection of books and CD's (left over from events), which can be borrowed by members. The current list is as follows :-

  • The Cathedral and the Bazaar. Eric S. Raymond
  • Free as in Freedom, Richard Stallmans crusade for free software.
  • Learning the UNIX operating System.
  • The linux web server CD bookshelf - Linux, Apache, MySQL & Perl (6 books on CD-Rom).
  • Copies of Suse 7.3, Suse 8.0, Caldera 3.1.1, Mandrake 8.1/8.2

We also have additional copies of Suse 7.1, Caldera 3.1.1, Mandrake 8.1/8.2 and Redhat 6.2 left over from previous events which can be taken and kept by members.

In addition, the lug is currently receiving free copies of Linux User and Developer magazine which can be borrowed if you need to check anthing out.

If you want to borrow from the library, please join the mailing list and arrange via the list to borrow the book/CD from whoever is currently looking after it. We usually make exchanges at the monthly meeting.

South Birmingham Linux User Group, United Kingdom