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Birmingham LUG Meetings are normally held on the third Thursday of the month at 7.30pm.

Meeting Venue

We are having problems at the moment with a location that will allow us access for free. Thhis months meeting will be held on April 17 at the Shabab restaurant on the Ladypool Road B12 8LQ.

We are conciously searching for a regular venue. If you have somewhere to meet, or know of somewhere that might be happy to host us please let us know on the mailing list

Upcoming meetings

The next meeting will be held on March 20 at 19:30 at the Bull (see above). If you have any ideas for meetings this year please post on the mailing list.

Past Meetings

Please see our meetings archive for all past meetings.


Our meetings are sometimes broadcast live on the internet. When they are, the broadcast will be found at the address below.


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