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The 'Who's Who'

At any one time, the SBLUG mailing list has about 100 members, with between 15-20 regularly attending meetings. To help new members feel at home, this page is intended as a 'mugs gallery' of some of the regulars at the meetings, mailing list or IRC channel. We're not as scary as we look. Honest !


SBLUG is (dis?)organised by many of the members. However, the three people below are particulary available to help and answer questions.

Tim Williams homepage


I work on internet based learning at the University of Birmingham and spend far too much time in front of a computer. I have a Masters in Computer Science.


Zeth (homepage) IRC:zeth


I am a web developer and also have a Masters in Electronic Editing. I like Linux, Python and porridge.


Martin Meredith homepage IRC:Mez

Community Officer

I am a Debian and Ubuntu Developer.


SBLUG Members

Dan Burrill

Linux/Windows sysadmin working mainly in education. I have a stack of computers, too little time, and a long-suffering fiance. When I'm not messing around with serious stuff I play board games, do a little bit of roleplaying, and occasionally go sailing.


Mark Croft

Computers: ZX81,Spectrum,Amstrad,Atari 520ST,Atari Falcon 030,PC
Lanaguages: 3 years C++,1 year VB,MS Access,Pascal,Delphi, Rough idea about Java but not done anything serious


David Goodwin homepage

David is a software developer, business director, dog owner and open source enthusiast.


Pascal Honore homepage

Mac user, I write in C#, Objective C, Perl, Python, Lua and PHP.


Peter Lewis homepage

I'm a Computer Science research student, keen Gentoo user/hacker and fellow $ the Free Software Foundation Europe. I use KDE/GNU/Linux for pretty much all my computing needs - having done away with as much proprietry stuff as I can in 2006. I'm keen to get the last couple of binary blobs off my system as soon as is practical...

I also enjoy walking, skiing and photography. Take a look at my site for more details.


John Pinner homepage

I am an even older-school hacker than Jon, the first computer I used was the size of a room and used valves.

Nowadays we use Python, C and C++ on GNU/Linux for development, and the old days of machine and assembler coding are a distant memory.

I still use valves for my audio system, but have given up trying to use them in the CPU (my colleagues at Clockwork are not sure about this, though).


Mark Ryan homepage

I am a lecturer in computer science and Linux enthusiast.


Andrew Rozzier

JOB: UK Online for Business Adviser

OUTLINE OF JOB: Specialist Business Adviser helping companies with up to 250 employees with their ICT and e-business needs. This does involve Open Source solutions as well as Proprietry equivelants.


John O'Ryan

I use Linux to as it's "cheap robust and reliable" and fun. Old time technology freak having played with HTML, Acorn Atoms, basic, C, databases, valves and motorbikes. Now trying to learn play Guitar.

I work in telecomunications mainly doing problem investigations and process work.


Simon Stanford homepage IRC:raetsel99

Day job as an HP-UX System Admin and secret guerrilla linux advocate. Kubuntu user.


Aaron Sloman homepage

Retired, but still researching full time; member of School of Computer Science, working on intersection of philosophy, AI (including robotics), theoretical psychology, evolutionary biology. Started using Unix on DEC PDP11/40 computer in 1976 for teaching and research in AI at Sussex University. Helped with development of Poplog, now an open source system available here which I maintain with help from users. I still use its main language Pop-11 for all my programming and read and post all mail in its editor Ved. After using Sun workstations and servers for many years, became a PC+Linux user around 1999. Have always favoured use of thin clients for the majority of individual users, and believe that there will be a big swing that way soon (e.g. because of things like google spreadsheets). My attendance at LUG meetings is less frequent than I would like, owing to other pressures.


Jon Ward

Long Hair? Tick. Goatee? Tick. Overweight? Tick. Counter-culture? Tick. Stereotypical geek detected.

I am old school hacker[0] (command line, assembler, C, character cell terminals) who currently writes and tests software for safety-critical real time embedded systems for a company called Topmode Systems[1]. I also double as OpenVMS and Linux sysadmin there.


Keith White

A Linux user since May 2002. I like the freedom Linux offers. I am not anti MS operating systems but I am pro-diversity and hence support Linux and other OS's.

Linux usage: Internet and domestic uses, a study and research tool, software development.

Occupation: Supposed to be a research scientist and engineer, but otherwise not occupied and seeking to continue my career. I hope soon to be persuing a research degree in the area of intelligent self adaptive systems.


If you are a regular SBLUG member and want to get added to this page, please email with a ~50 word biography and a picture (required size 200x200 pixels). You may include one link to your personal home page or place of work which will go next to your name.